Journey – Longsuffering

Longsuffering is something we would wish to avoid or escape BUT it is one of the most important aspect of our journey to fulfil our destiny/purpose. I came to realize recently the areas of my life that were longsuffering…these are things I have been praying for years to God about until I felt it was hopeless to continue praying [but I didn’t stop praying…no wonder He told us to pray without ceasing :)]. I began telling Him, if it is Your will God, You could deliver me instantly…but if You haven’t, You have Your reasons so I will continue to trust You. My longsuffering have been my faith and trust builders and maintainers in my relationship with God. The suffering may be long BUT it will not be eternal…that is something to hold on to. Let your longsuffering continue to exercise your faith and trust muscles in God…it is worth it in the end.


Journey – Journal Entry 10/29/2018

This song just came to mind…”It is no secret what God can do. What He has done for others He will do for you…” Like He did for Abraham, Joseph, Jesus (to name a few), I know He will do the same for me regardless of my health report, financial report, my current status…only good things He has for me and He will not harm me. Within this steady green light (my time is now), I will continue to trust Him and keep my faith as He has never failed me and will never fail me.

Journey – Safety

To find safety in God’s arms is the most precious thing in my life. It protects me from the enemy within (fear/anxiety) and outside (poverty, health, greed, hate/discrimination, etc.). I had a dream once where I ran into a building to hide from dirty water (seemed like a tsunami) that was coming towards me. When I was in the building, I kept pushing at the door to keep it closed against the flood waters. Then a voice said to me it’s ok, you can let go, it’s closed forever, no harm will come to you. The water was still flowing forcefully outside but I got this sense of peace after those words. That building was the ARK for me…a place of safety (peace, security, or reassurance). I am living my life inside the ARK right now…no matter how I am feeling or my lack, I am protected and no harm will come to me. ¬†All God’s promises will be fulfilled in my life, while I reside in the Ark.

Journey – Journal Entry 09/06/2018

Today is a bittersweet day for me. Bitter because you are not next to me, but sweet because I still have our memories together. I have to thank God always that I had you in my life. You taught me a lot and was a source of strength and comfort before you left. I can’t begrudge you leaving though, as you are finally resting. I will be ok as God is still by my side and promises to forever be by my side. You left without any worries and I am very thankful for that. You left continuing to believe with your faith eyes. Even though everything hasn’t been fulfilled as yet…I know they will because I am believing as well with my faith eyes. I will not worry as God’s got this! Love you always HLG.

Journey – Joseph Pt.2

As you may have realized I am still in the prison cell…but now I am not frustrated or scared…I am at peace. Like Joseph (in the animated movie), I am content with what is currently being asked of me. I trust God with my entire being…whatever He has allowed for me to experience, thus far, is according to His will and no other force. He is the author and finisher of my faith. I pray that He will always allow me to follow His will no matter the situation because of my trust in Him. And like Joseph, I will be justly rewarded…it will not all be in vain; it will surpass my expectations and dreams.


Journey – Joseph Pt.1

Not too long ago I watched the animated version of Joseph’s story…I really could relate to it in so many ways. There were a few aspects that stood out though; obedience and prison.

Obedience: Even though Joseph tried his best to be a good and obedient son, he still could not escape the bad things that happened to him.

Prison: Although it took him some time…Joseph learnt to still do his best while in prison. In the movie, there was a dying plant which Joseph tended to diligently until it became a tree.

All my life I have tried my very best to do what is right and be obedient to God. I foolishly thought that this would help me avoid bad things happening to me…like Jonah and the whale. However, these traits were laying a foundation for my imprisonment (a resting place for God to prepare me for His purpose for me). I have learnt to continue doing my best (no matter how simple the task) while in my resting place. I refuse to dwell in frustration, guilt, fear, and pity but see the beauty of what God is doing in my life. Like Joseph, when God chooses to get me out of prison/resting place, I will be placed in a position that is beyond my imagination and it will all be built on a sure foundation.

Journey – Entry 05/13/2018

Recovering from a Job (Bible character) and friends moment…I know friends mean well when they give you advice BUT their advice can also jeopardize your faith. After getting some advice from a friend (no intention of harm), I went into panic mode…did I understand God correctly of what He wanted me to do?…Is it all my imagination? I had to center myself in His word, His track record, and His music. What I am doing may seem to go against all odds and it may not work out…BUT…that is not the point…THE POINT IS THAT I WILL CONTINUE TO BE OBEDIENT. I do not know why He wants me to pursue certain things but He knows and that is all I need to know.