Birth – The Beginning (PT.1)

Every journey has a beginning. The journey of life begins when there is a successful meeting between an egg and a sperm. A fruit tree begins it’s journey as a seed planted in the ground.  For me, I had a beginning for each aspect of my journey towards my destiny:

  • A follower of Christ – began at age 9 when I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior
  • Marriage – age 7; that was the first time I wanted to change my surname to only one name (and one name only…I do apologize to all the boys and guys that liked me…lol)
  • Career – a passion; something I was good at effortlessly

The beginning of a journey may be a EUREKA moment or it may come to you in a dream, or it may be a rational choice (or so we think). No matter how the seed was planted, God always provides confirmation to let us know that we are on the right path.  So let’s trust Him and start walking on that path.


Author: destinydayblog

Someone on a journey to fulfill her destiny. Thank you to all that read and follow this blog. I pray you will be blessed and share with others. Thank you!!!!

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