Growth – Mistakes

During the growth process, I have made many mistakes (intentionally or unintentionally). Mistakes can make us feel ashamed and guilty BUT the best thing I ever heard was that God loves DIRT. As evidenced in the Bible, God used dirt to make man and He also used dirt to heal a blind man. For me, mistake is synonymous with dirt; thus, my mistake is useful to God. Through my mistakes, God has taught me many good things. If I am not afraid to stand before Him with my mistakes, then I will not lose out on being taught by Him.

Mistakes = God’s teaching tools

So don’t feel ashamed or guilty when you make mistakes, they are present to be used as tools for God to take you to another level in your relationship with Him as you walk your path.


Author: destinydayblog

Someone on a journey to fulfill her destiny. Thank you to all that read and follow this blog. I pray you will be blessed and share with others. Thank you!!!!

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