Growth – Lessons (Pt.2)

The faculty.  No, this is not referring to a horror film BUT the faculty at The Holy Trinity University. Our first teacher/professor was God.  We can read about His teachings in the Old Testament of the Bible ( a must have textbook to complete all classes). Then the next teacher was Jesus.  The New Testament of the required textbook is filled with the teachings of Jesus.  Then at Jesus’ death and resurrection we met the Holy Spirit (the one that always assisted us in all our classes). As a result of the sin of Adam and Eve, we could no longer have face-to-face classes with God.  Jesus came to earth to reconnect us to God. By leaving behind the Holy Spirit before ascending to heaven, Jesus ensured that we would now always have face-to-face contact with God.

Which school as ever being established that allows us to be able to meet with the President on a daily basis, whenever we needed Him?  

The Holy Spirit is a GIFT that should not be taken for granted.  Once it’s given and received, it should be treasured and utilized wisely.  Although I was baptized at age 9, I did not receive the gift of the Holy Spirit until my late teens.  To become a home for the Holy Spirit is a great responsibility and a joyous feeling.  It’s presence is comforting and it represents the unconditional love of God for His children.  Thank you God for gifting me with the Holy Spirit, the best teaching assistant a student could ever receive.


Author: destinydayblog

Someone on a journey to fulfill her destiny. Thank you to all that read and follow this blog. I pray you will be blessed and share with others. Thank you!!!!

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