Growth – Expectation (Pt.1)

God’s expectation of me.  God’s expectation of me is quite simple; He wants me to follow His commandments and to have a truthful relationship with Him.  He doesn’t ask for much, does He?  Although He gave such a HUGE sacrifice for me through His son, Jesus, He only wants me to be obedient, trust Him, and have faith in Him.  I must confess that this has not been easy to do at all times.  I can get caught up in believing what I see than the unseen.  The good thing is, God gives me the opportunity to make right my wrongs, if I choose to do so.  I have continuously chosen to repent because I want to live up to His expectation of me.  Through all those mistakes made, I have come to know that: what is unseen has more credibility than what is seen; obedience is [far] better than disobedience; and trust and faith are better currencies than currencies from any country in this world.  I pray that each day I will meet God’s expectation of me. Amen.


Author: destinydayblog

Someone on a journey to fulfill her destiny. Thank you to all that read and follow this blog. I pray you will be blessed and share with others. Thank you!!!!

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