Growth – Friends

As we meet people along our journey to our final destination they can fall into various categories: acquaintance; seasonal friendship; and spiritual friendship.  When a person is an acquaintance the friendship is non-existent.  Seasonal friendships are short-term, while spiritual friendships are long-term.  I am grateful for all friendships as they always meet my needs.  Sometimes God allow some seasonal friends to be there for you in every season of your life.  These friends then become like family members to you; your brother or sister.  I do have a few of those precious friends.  Then my spiritual friends are the ones ordained by God (spiritual bond lasting a lifetime).  No matter what difficulties we go through, we do it together, even if we are separated by location (we also share victories).  Throughout my life it has been difficult to maintain friendships, so I have learned to trust God’s leading when it comes to my friends.  As a result, I am able to hold on to and let go of some friends.  Just remember that each person you meet and each friendship is a precious gift from God.

Proverbs 17:17 NKJV “A friend loves at all times, And a brother is born for adversity.”



Author: destinydayblog

Someone on a journey to fulfill her destiny. Thank you to all that read and follow this blog. I pray you will be blessed and share with others. Thank you!!!!

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