Birth – The Beginning (Pt.4)

Battle with others.  I used the word with instead of against as the Bible tells us we do not fight against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places (Eph. 6:12).  When others heard of the paths I was told to follow, the responses were not heart-warming.  I got so disheartened that I would not tell others about what God had told me unless He told me to share with that particular person (even so with this blog).  I learned that, in this journey, I would have to walk it alone with God and no one else.  For those who love companionship, this can be a difficult realization.  Nevertheless, God remains faithful.  When I needed encouragement, He would send the right person along to fulfill that role.  By embarking upon new ground, despite all skepticism, I was able to gain new spiritual friends (strongest friendships) and others were able to see God’s work in my life, which encouraged them to make changes in their own lives.  So, if God told you to do something, don’t worry if those around you are not supportive because God is all the support you will need and others will eventually come around (if they don’t, that is alright too).

Birth – The Beginning (Pt.3)

The battle with self.  The first thing that I learned I had to do, once I had decided to walk the path God had chosen for me, was to TRANSFER ownership of my self to God.  I was no longer the controller of my being (in the driver’s seat of this luxurious car…a girl can dream…lol; the captain of this ship).  This in itself was not easy to do.  I made many mistakes and was reprimanded BUT I became more refined after each lesson learned.  I learned it was alright to cry and be angry at times.  God was truly a PATIENT parent to me during this time.  Here are some things I had to give up:

  • The prideful feeling of knowing who I was – my characteristics/personality changed
  • Who was first place and center in my life – my Mom and family
  • My wants/desires

Although it was painful, I did it (still doing it).  I am willing to submit to God and become is HUMBLE servant/daughter.

Birth – The Beginning (Pt.2)

Once I became aware of what God wanted me to do (the path I must take), I had to choose between obedience and disobedience.

  • Obedient journey – more comfortable although there is difficulty
  • Disobedient journey – going my own way; ignoring the path chosen; will eventually get there but with an uncomfortable experience.

I chose to be obedient (I really did not want to be like the children of Israel in the Old Testament where a 40 days journey took 40 years).  However, choosing to be obedient to God’s will began the battle with self, others, and satan/the devil.

Birth – The Beginning (PT.1)

Every journey has a beginning. The journey of life begins when there is a successful meeting between an egg and a sperm. A fruit tree begins it’s journey as a seed planted in the ground.  For me, I had a beginning for each aspect of my journey towards my destiny:

  • A follower of Christ – began at age 9 when I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior
  • Marriage – age 7; that was the first time I wanted to change my surname to only one name (and one name only…I do apologize to all the boys and guys that liked me…lol)
  • Career – a passion; something I was good at effortlessly

The beginning of a journey may be a EUREKA moment or it may come to you in a dream, or it may be a rational choice (or so we think). No matter how the seed was planted, God always provides confirmation to let us know that we are on the right path.  So let’s trust Him and start walking on that path.

D-day (Destiny-day)

This blog is an avenue to share my private thoughts and experiences as I take the journey towards my destiny.  With every journey, there is a birth, process of growth/development, and destination.

Journey = birth→process of growth/development→destination

I appreciated how God approached me about my destiny, it fitted well with my personality.  I am the type of person that likes to know the ending of a story or movie before actually reading the book or watching the movie.  Knowing the ending increases my interest in the book or movie.  I know everyone may not be like this…LOL.  However, knowing my destiny, the plans (or some of) God has for me, keeps me motivated when things get too tough to handle…when I feel I am just hanging off the edge of a cliff.  Knowing the ending is a source of reassurance; it is as if the ending is telling me that it will be alright, you will make it, just hold on a little longer.