Growth – Expectations (Pt.3)

My expectations of others and others of me.  I am sure most of us have experienced the sadness of others not meeting our expectations; hence, we come to believe not to expect much from others.  I used to be like that; I would not expect anything from someone because I did not want to be disappointed.  I also hated the feeling of disappointing others.  However, things have changed since I came to realize that nothing is in our control.  If others do not meet my expectations and if I do not meet the expectation of others, there is a reason.  If I believe that God is in control of everything then I will not experience disappointment or guilt.  I won’t blame you and I am not to be blamed.  This may seem that I am disregarding our sense of responsibility but there is something out there that is bigger than you and me.  This also does not mean I will stop expecting the best of others and not wanting others to expect the best of me BUT this expectation will rest within the boundaries of the GOD I serve, who rules the heaven and earth.


Growth – Expectation (Pt.2)

My expectation of God.  My expectation of God rest on the premise of one simple truth; God is able to do the impossible/unimaginable/unthinkable.  This is the only truth for me.  Hence, I expect God to:

  • keep His promises to me (daily reminder: His word will not return to Him void)
  • keep me from harm (daily reminder: no weapon formed against me shall prosper)
  • provide for me always (daily reminder: He is Jehovah Jireh)

Conclusion, He is El Shaddai.

Growth – Expectation (Pt.1)

God’s expectation of me.  God’s expectation of me is quite simple; He wants me to follow His commandments and to have a truthful relationship with Him.  He doesn’t ask for much, does He?  Although He gave such a HUGE sacrifice for me through His son, Jesus, He only wants me to be obedient, trust Him, and have faith in Him.  I must confess that this has not been easy to do at all times.  I can get caught up in believing what I see than the unseen.  The good thing is, God gives me the opportunity to make right my wrongs, if I choose to do so.  I have continuously chosen to repent because I want to live up to His expectation of me.  Through all those mistakes made, I have come to know that: what is unseen has more credibility than what is seen; obedience is [far] better than disobedience; and trust and faith are better currencies than currencies from any country in this world.  I pray that each day I will meet God’s expectation of me. Amen.

Growth – Progress Report

Every now and then we need to step back and do some self-reflection or self-observation as we undertake our journeys.  I have been doing this lately and I must say that I am pleased with myself (in a humble way…not being prideful).  I have noticed that I have not being reacting the same way to the circumstances the devil keeps throwing at me.  Instead of crying, dwelling in self-pity, displaying a depressed mood, or having negative thoughts I begin to say to God, “God here is some fertile ground for you to work with” (plant some fruit trees that will bear fruit in its season).  My thoughts follow this pattern: God/Daddy, You wouldn’t allow this to happen without a reason; You said You only want to do good for me, give me hope and a future; You said You would never leave me nor forsake me; and You said Your word will NEVER return to You void.  For instance, yesterday, I felt like I was like Daniel in the lions’ den or in the presence of vicious dogs due to things I see on the news and my current circumstances.  I did not dwell in fear but reminded myself of God’s love, protection, and provision.  As a reward, God reminded me of the scripture that said that when light is in the midst of the darkness, no harm will come to the light (read John 1:5 NKJV), which gave me peace.  This is not the first time He has reminded/told me I will not be harmed.

No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper!

Thus, don’t fear conducting a progress report.  The smallest change makes a big difference.  If there is no change then you know you can talk to God about what you need to do differently.  Continuous self-reflection will only benefit and guide you as you go along your journey towards your (final) destination.

Growth – Happiness

What do I do while in the spiritual waiting room? Should I spend my days being sad or happy?  Growing up, I used to be afraid of being happy.  Everytime I was happy, something bad always happened.  I began to have distorted thoughts that created a negative association between happiness and misfortune.  At one point, I also felt guilty for being happy.  Guilt; that there are others in the world who are having a more difficult time than me, so I shouldn’t express happiness.  Seems silly, doesn’t it?  However, there may be quite a few people who may also have similar distorted thoughts.  Another distorted thought is “I don’t deserve to be happy because of my past.”  THIS IS NOT OF GOD!!!!  This lesson I learned as my relationship with God developed.  God wants us to be happy BUT we have to choose to live happily.  During the good and bad times, we have to consciously choose to be happy.  Happiness is not founded in material things that may come and go, but in the security of God’s love for us.  God’s love is one thing that never fades or disappears when we make mistakes.  Our/My happiness is found in His unconditional love for you and me.  Each morning I wake up, I have decided to choose to be happy, with the expectation and knowledge that God is working all things out for my good.

Growth – The Waiting Room

There are certain things I take with me when I know I will have to wait some time for my appointment; music (headphones needed) and reading material.  In the natural realm waiting room, my favorite music and novel would be my companion.  In the spiritual realm waiting room, music that reflects my current emotions and uplifts me, along with my favorite scriptures and stories of faith are my companion.  In both waiting rooms, there are times when the waiting becomes frustrating and burdensome.  In the natural waiting room, it is easy to say I will make another appointment and leave BUT it is not that easy in the spiritual waiting room.  In the spiritual realm waiting room, if I choose to walk out the door, THAT IS IT.  I’m not just rescheduling another appointment, I am giving up on my destiny/dreams/eternal life/eternal happiness/God’s plans for me.  As I REALLY do not want to lose out on so much, I practice being patient everyday.  When I get frustrated, sad, or overwhelmed (especially when I see others who just entered the waiting room getting through immediately) I express these emotions to God.  Thankfully He never spurns me BUT comforts me and helps me to understand why I am still waiting.  You see, He is making sure everything is all perfect for my appointed time.  He is making sure that my foundation will be sure so that I will never fall/be defeated again.  When its my time, He will continuously take me from glory to glory.  One thing to remember, patience is learned.  So it will take a conscious choice to practice it.

Growth – Spiritual Suicide

God has His plans for me and you.  However, before His plans are manifested in the natural realm, we can commit spiritual suicide.  I don’t know if others have coined this term before, but for me, spiritual suicide is when I do things to delay God’s plan for my life. To commit spiritual suicide depends on my daily choices.  Do I choose to dwell in self-doubt, guilt, shame, self-pity, burdened by what I see with my physical eyes, hate, jealousy/envy, fear, and/or unbelief?  Or do I choose to stand in faith, knowing that God is faithful to the end?  He will never go back on His promises to you and me.  Despite what others may say or believe, or the things I may see with my physical eyes, I choose to remain by His side.  I choose not to walk before Him but to wait patiently on Him.  Remembering He knows more about me than I could ever know about myself.  Trusting Him; His plans for me are perfect and sure.  Believing that He will always protect me and provide for me.  He will make my paths clear so that I may walk freely through all obstacles.  Thank You, God, for forgiving me of my sins and mistakes when I come to you in repentance.  Thank You for standing by my side as I overcome spiritual suicide daily.  Thank You for your constant reassurance and support; always reminding me that I am never alone.  Thank You!!!!!!!!!