Growth – Promise

As God made a promise to you? If He did then welcome to the club!!!!! He has reassured us many times that whatever He has promised (covenant), He will fulfill.  I had a dream recently where my mother was told that her children will inherit what was promised to her.  This tells me my covenant with God does not end with me BUT continues for generations.  Checkout Abraham for further evidence. When we live for Christ or God, we do so not only for ourselves BUT also for our offsprings who will inherit our blessings.  The same goes if we live an ungodly life…so choose well.


Growth – Praise (Pt. 3)

The rewards of praise. When praise is true or sincere, the rewards are great (this word is such an understatement). Praising God for things unseen (faith) gives me comfort and peace.  It takes all my worries away…that things will work out in my favor…not my way BUT God’s way. Praise open doors that were once closed. Praise finds/makes a path when there was none. Praise makes the impossible possible and the unbelievable believable. In conclusion, there is VICTORY in praise.

Praising God for things seen also gives me a great feeling.  I feel joy or happiness when I get that acceptance letter (for a job or school opportunity), when my bank account is full (so debts are cleared), and when I receive the rewards of being obedient (successfully accomplishing all tasks given).  Here, praise is like a monetary transaction for a business deal in our relationship with God.

Growth – Praise (Pt. 2)

Although it is nothing new, recently I have been experiencing the power of praise. The power of praise has been showcased in the Bible on numerous occasions and also by my mother throughout my childhood and youth, as well as adulthood.  Praise may be expressed by a word or song. My favorite praise word is Hallelujah. My mother’s was Glory. Praise can destroy things (deactivate) and create things (activate). This shows its immense power…and the good thing is we have access to it at all times. AGAIN, we have to make the CHOICE to plug into it and utilize it when we come upon challenges that want to destroy our destiny. I am choosing to keep praising my way to my destiny.  I will also use praise to thank God for His continuous faithfulness as He provides and protects me on my journey.

Growth – Praise (Pt. 1)

Praise is the most powerful and amazing gift God has given His children. Today, I have praise in my heart as I celebrate Mother’s day. If you recall, I have previously stated that my mom died last year. Last year’s Mother’s day was bittersweet as her death was recent and I missed her but I was also happy that she fulfilled her purpose on earth and was now at peace and rest. This year it’s just sweet; I am happy that I was her daughter and I am so happy she was God’s daughter. She is with me always and she knows that my days will be good because I am also God’s daughter.  As she feared God, her children and future generations will always be blessed. Thank you Mom for teaching us how to live fearing God, it was the best legacy you could have left for us to inherit.

Proverbs 31:30 NKJV

“Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.”

Growth – Ocean Deep

After my mom died a year ago, I have felt as if I was drowning in an ocean of unknown.  I did not know the next steps to take after completing one journey.  The journey of unknown was paved with pain, anxiety, self-doubt, grief, loneliness, and struggle (esp. financially).  Nevertheless, I had a very good friend that accompanied me along this journey; the Holy Spirit.  Even though I went back to the beginning where I had nothing, He comforted me and told me to REST.  He provided for me daily in every way.  I have also learned to float by relaxing my body despite the being in the ocean.  Consequently, I am at peace with the way things are because I know it is part of God’s plan for me.  He is setting a foundation that will never be moved as the appointed time for me to be called into the office from the waiting room draws near.  When He calls my name, I will no longer float on the surface of the ocean BUT I will be walking on water with my eyes focused solely on Him.  At that time He will be taking me from glory to glory.

When you have the time, take a listen to Hillsong’s Ocean (Where Feet May Fail).  You can find it on YouTube or Spotify.

Growth – Scars

Scars are developed from wounds that have been self-inflicted or inflicted by others.  These wounds can be either open or closed.  It is said that a  head closed-wound is more serious or fatal than a head open-wound (where bleeding is visible). Harsh or hurtful words inflicted on self or others are like a closed wound.  When these words leave your mouth and enter the ear of someone else, the wound becomes invisible.  Due to this invisibility we may not even be aware that we are wounded until we are diagnosed with an illness or a mental disorder.  No matter your status in life or your identity, we are all vulnerable to be victims of the weapon of words.  I am now learning to guard myself against this weapon by focusing on God’s loving words where He says my identity is found in Him. I thank Him for healing the old wounds, once I came to be aware of them.  I also thank Him for forgiving me when I have wounded others.  Every day, let us be cognizant of our words, making sure they provide love and healing and not pain and suffering.

Growth – Friends

As we meet people along our journey to our final destination they can fall into various categories: acquaintance; seasonal friendship; and spiritual friendship.  When a person is an acquaintance the friendship is non-existent.  Seasonal friendships are short-term, while spiritual friendships are long-term.  I am grateful for all friendships as they always meet my needs.  Sometimes God allow some seasonal friends to be there for you in every season of your life.  These friends then become like family members to you; your brother or sister.  I do have a few of those precious friends.  Then my spiritual friends are the ones ordained by God (spiritual bond lasting a lifetime).  No matter what difficulties we go through, we do it together, even if we are separated by location (we also share victories).  Throughout my life it has been difficult to maintain friendships, so I have learned to trust God’s leading when it comes to my friends.  As a result, I am able to hold on to and let go of some friends.  Just remember that each person you meet and each friendship is a precious gift from God.

Proverbs 17:17 NKJV “A friend loves at all times, And a brother is born for adversity.”