Growth – Praise (Pt. 3)

The rewards of praise. When praise is true or sincere, the rewards are great (this word is such an understatement). Praising God for things unseen (faith) gives me comfort and peace.  It takes all my worries away…that things will work out in my favor…not my way BUT God’s way. Praise open doors that were once closed. Praise finds/makes a path when there was none. Praise makes the impossible possible and the unbelievable believable. In conclusion, there is VICTORY in praise.

Praising God for things seen also gives me a great feeling.  I feel joy or happiness when I get that acceptance letter (for a job or school opportunity), when my bank account is full (so debts are cleared), and when I receive the rewards of being obedient (successfully accomplishing all tasks given).  Here, praise is like a monetary transaction for a business deal in our relationship with God.

Growth – Ocean Deep

After my mom died a year ago, I have felt as if I was drowning in an ocean of unknown.  I did not know the next steps to take after completing one journey.  The journey of unknown was paved with pain, anxiety, self-doubt, grief, loneliness, and struggle (esp. financially).  Nevertheless, I had a very good friend that accompanied me along this journey; the Holy Spirit.  Even though I went back to the beginning where I had nothing, He comforted me and told me to REST.  He provided for me daily in every way.  I have also learned to float by relaxing my body despite the being in the ocean.  Consequently, I am at peace with the way things are because I know it is part of God’s plan for me.  He is setting a foundation that will never be moved as the appointed time for me to be called into the office from the waiting room draws near.  When He calls my name, I will no longer float on the surface of the ocean BUT I will be walking on water with my eyes focused solely on Him.  At that time He will be taking me from glory to glory.

When you have the time, take a listen to Hillsong’s Ocean (Where Feet May Fail).  You can find it on YouTube or Spotify.

Growth – The Waiting Room

There are certain things I take with me when I know I will have to wait some time for my appointment; music (headphones needed) and reading material.  In the natural realm waiting room, my favorite music and novel would be my companion.  In the spiritual realm waiting room, music that reflects my current emotions and uplifts me, along with my favorite scriptures and stories of faith are my companion.  In both waiting rooms, there are times when the waiting becomes frustrating and burdensome.  In the natural waiting room, it is easy to say I will make another appointment and leave BUT it is not that easy in the spiritual waiting room.  In the spiritual realm waiting room, if I choose to walk out the door, THAT IS IT.  I’m not just rescheduling another appointment, I am giving up on my destiny/dreams/eternal life/eternal happiness/God’s plans for me.  As I REALLY do not want to lose out on so much, I practice being patient everyday.  When I get frustrated, sad, or overwhelmed (especially when I see others who just entered the waiting room getting through immediately) I express these emotions to God.  Thankfully He never spurns me BUT comforts me and helps me to understand why I am still waiting.  You see, He is making sure everything is all perfect for my appointed time.  He is making sure that my foundation will be sure so that I will never fall/be defeated again.  When its my time, He will continuously take me from glory to glory.  One thing to remember, patience is learned.  So it will take a conscious choice to practice it.

Growth – Spiritual Suicide

God has His plans for me and you.  However, before His plans are manifested in the natural realm, we can commit spiritual suicide.  I don’t know if others have coined this term before, but for me, spiritual suicide is when I do things to delay God’s plan for my life. To commit spiritual suicide depends on my daily choices.  Do I choose to dwell in self-doubt, guilt, shame, self-pity, burdened by what I see with my physical eyes, hate, jealousy/envy, fear, and/or unbelief?  Or do I choose to stand in faith, knowing that God is faithful to the end?  He will never go back on His promises to you and me.  Despite what others may say or believe, or the things I may see with my physical eyes, I choose to remain by His side.  I choose not to walk before Him but to wait patiently on Him.  Remembering He knows more about me than I could ever know about myself.  Trusting Him; His plans for me are perfect and sure.  Believing that He will always protect me and provide for me.  He will make my paths clear so that I may walk freely through all obstacles.  Thank You, God, for forgiving me of my sins and mistakes when I come to you in repentance.  Thank You for standing by my side as I overcome spiritual suicide daily.  Thank You for your constant reassurance and support; always reminding me that I am never alone.  Thank You!!!!!!!!!