Growth – Praise (Pt. 3)

The rewards of praise. When praise is true or sincere, the rewards are great (this word is such an understatement). Praising God for things unseen (faith) gives me comfort and peace.  It takes all my worries away…that things will work out in my favor…not my way BUT God’s way. Praise open doors that were once closed. Praise finds/makes a path when there was none. Praise makes the impossible possible and the unbelievable believable. In conclusion, there is VICTORY in praise.

Praising God for things seen also gives me a great feeling.  I feel joy or happiness when I get that acceptance letter (for a job or school opportunity), when my bank account is full (so debts are cleared), and when I receive the rewards of being obedient (successfully accomplishing all tasks given).  Here, praise is like a monetary transaction for a business deal in our relationship with God.


Growth – Happiness

What do I do while in the spiritual waiting room? Should I spend my days being sad or happy?  Growing up, I used to be afraid of being happy.  Everytime I was happy, something bad always happened.  I began to have distorted thoughts that created a negative association between happiness and misfortune.  At one point, I also felt guilty for being happy.  Guilt; that there are others in the world who are having a more difficult time than me, so I shouldn’t express happiness.  Seems silly, doesn’t it?  However, there may be quite a few people who may also have similar distorted thoughts.  Another distorted thought is “I don’t deserve to be happy because of my past.”  THIS IS NOT OF GOD!!!!  This lesson I learned as my relationship with God developed.  God wants us to be happy BUT we have to choose to live happily.  During the good and bad times, we have to consciously choose to be happy.  Happiness is not founded in material things that may come and go, but in the security of God’s love for us.  God’s love is one thing that never fades or disappears when we make mistakes.  Our/My happiness is found in His unconditional love for you and me.  Each morning I wake up, I have decided to choose to be happy, with the expectation and knowledge that God is working all things out for my good.