Journey – Joseph Pt.1

Not too long ago I watched the animated version of Joseph’s story…I really could relate to it in so many ways. There were a few aspects that stood out though; obedience and prison.

Obedience: Even though Joseph tried his best to be a good and obedient son, he still could not escape the bad things that happened to him.

Prison: Although it took him some time…Joseph learnt to still do his best while in prison. In the movie, there was a dying plant which Joseph tended to diligently until it became a tree.

All my life I have tried my very best to do what is right and be obedient to God. I foolishly thought that this would help me avoid bad things happening to me…like Jonah and the whale. However, these traits were laying a foundation for my imprisonment (a resting place for God to prepare me for His purpose for me). I have learnt to continue doing my best (no matter how simple the task) while in my resting place. I refuse to dwell in frustration, guilt, fear, and pity but see the beauty of what God is doing in my life. Like Joseph, when God chooses to get me out of prison/resting place, I will be placed in a position that is beyond my imagination and it will all be built on a sure foundation.


Journey – Entry 05/13/2018

Recovering from a Job (Bible character) and friends moment…I know friends mean well when they give you advice BUT their advice can also jeopardize your faith. After getting some advice from a friend (no intention of harm), I went into panic mode…did I understand God correctly of what He wanted me to do?…Is it all my imagination? I had to center myself in His word, His track record, and His music. What I am doing may seem to go against all odds and it may not work out…BUT…that is not the point…THE POINT IS THAT I WILL CONTINUE TO BE OBEDIENT. I do not know why He wants me to pursue certain things but He knows and that is all I need to know.



Journey – Journal Entry 02/27/2018

A few days ago, I had a dream that has been weighing on my heart. In the dream, I did something I knew I wasn’t suppose to do. When I shared the dream with my close friend/older sister, she shared that, to her, the dream meant that no matter what I did God would protect me and never leave me. This did not give me much comfort though, as the dream was symbolizing something God had been working on me for a long time…giving all control to Him. In the dream, it seemed I was taking that control back (even if reluctantly).

This makes me nervous, even more so since I started getting the flashing green light. The bottom line…I do not want to mess things up with God again…although I know He will show mercy and give me His grace…I do not want to be disobedient. So I did what I knew best to do in these anxious situations…I prayed…then I got my comfort and peace.

Even though I really want to embark on the next chapter of this journey (green light)…I have to also be vigilant not to regain the position of being in the driver’s seat. The driver’s seat of my life belongs permanently to God, my Father/DADDY.

Journey – Flashing Green Light

Yes, there is a flashing green light before the steady green light. The good news is that God is allowing me to now see His works in motion…I am no longer in the waiting room…my name was called and I am now heading to His office to receive my mission…Hallelujah!!!

The flashing green light is also an anxious moment for me as I do not want to get in God’s way…not wanting to be disobedient or hasty. So I have to continue to be vigilant (while praying without ceasing, with thanksgiving) as I remain hopeful and allow my faith to grow.

The flashing green light is like the flickering of light you see when walking towards the end of the tunnel. Thank You, DADDY, for being with me while I was in the tunnel, for helping me to be obedient, hopeful, and faithful. Thank You for being my sword and shield, my provider, and my bestfriend. I know You will remain the same to me (never changing, ever faithful) outside of the tunnel (steady green light).

Journey – Losing or Finding My Way?

Hello 2018!!!! First post for the new year.

Lately, I have been reflecting on the last 3 years…Am I here because I lost my way? Where did I go wrong? Was I being disobedient at any time? Am I being punished? How can I get back on the right track? Why am I being left behind? Am I forgotten? Why did you leave? Why didn’t I get that position? If things had gone how I wanted them to, then would things have worked out differently/better for me?

Thankfully, God gave me the answer to all these questions. For the last 3 years, I have not lost my way…I was finding my way. It was about not what I wanted for myself BUT what He wanted for me. This path I am walking on (although it may seem different from yours) is one that was chosen for me by my FATHER, who loves me dearly and wants the best for me. With the green light flashing…another stage in this journey is about to begin…where I will walk and not become weary and run and not faint…because I went through this process of finding my way well.

Journey – Whom Shall I Fear?

This is the last post of 2017…it has been a year to remember.

Prior to April 2017 when I started to share my journey with you, I was facing fear every single day, to the point I would pray to stay sleeping until my green light appeared. Of course, God woke me up to face each day with Him…and trust me on this…I could not have survived without Him. Later in the year, I began thinking “Why am I so afraid?” Why am I afraid of what the devil might do to me? Isn’t the devil AFRAID of God? So why am I afraid of the devil?

Answer, the one I should fear is God, since He is the one the devil fears. This answer gave me such peace and the strength to face each day bravely. The One who treasures me the most and placed me on this path is the MOST POWERFUL…so whom shall I fear?

Journey – Journal Entry 12/5/2017

For the past few days I have been grappling with feelings of jealousy. Now, jealousy is something I do not like to feel as it can become a gateway to other negative emotions. Nevertheless, I must accept the fact that I am feeling jealous…jealous of good things happening for others around me, while I am still in this place. The amazing thing that happened is that I shared these feelings with God and so many friends and family have sent me encouraging words and scriptures, even though I shared nothing with them. Isn’t my God amazingly AWESOME!!! 

Now with these jealous feelings, did I get discouraged, lost my faith, became less hopeful…NO. As I shared with my sibling today, it is not clarity on what my destiny is I am waiting on from God…it is the when will the next stage occur…when will the tunnel end. I have to just continue to be still/patient until He fulfills His plans for me. I did remind Him that He has not forgotten me 🙂