Journey – Flashing Green Light

Yes, there is a flashing green light before the steady green light. The good news is that God is allowing me to now see His works in motion…I am no longer in the waiting room…my name was called and I am now heading to His office to receive my mission…Hallelujah!!!

The flashing green light is also an anxious moment for me as I do not want to get in God’s way…not wanting to be disobedient or hasty. So I have to continue to be vigilant (while praying without ceasing, with thanksgiving) as I remain hopeful and allow my faith to grow.

The flashing green light is like the flickering of light you see when walking towards the end of the tunnel. Thank You, DADDY, for being with me while I was in the tunnel, for helping me to be obedient, hopeful, and faithful. Thank You for being my sword and shield, my provider, and my bestfriend. I know You will remain the same to me (never changing, ever faithful) outside of the tunnel (steady green light).


Journey – Journal Entry 12/5/2017

For the past few days I have been grappling with feelings of jealousy. Now, jealousy is something I do not like to feel as it can become a gateway to other negative emotions. Nevertheless, I must accept the fact that I am feeling jealous…jealous of good things happening for others around me, while I am still in this place. The amazing thing that happened is that I shared these feelings with God and so many friends and family have sent me encouraging words and scriptures, even though I shared nothing with them. Isn’t my God amazingly AWESOME!!! 

Now with these jealous feelings, did I get discouraged, lost my faith, became less hopeful…NO. As I shared with my sibling today, it is not clarity on what my destiny is I am waiting on from God…it is the when will the next stage occur…when will the tunnel end. I have to just continue to be still/patient until He fulfills His plans for me. I did remind Him that He has not forgotten me 🙂 

Journey – The Dawn

The dawn signifies the beginning of a new journey, a new day, a new season, and an end to the darkness. To know I am at the dawn stage of my journey in life is what I have patiently waited to hear from God. I am about to leave the waiting room and answer to my name being called. It is my appointed time…I wonder if you can feel my nervous excitement! My dark days are over; I am exiting the tunnel…glory hallelujah!!! It is the time of jubilee (Days of Elijah)!!!

Growth – The Tunnel

Daniel 3:17 NKJV

“If that is the case, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and He will deliver us from your hand, O king.

The tunnel is the place I have been for more than a year; naked, cold, and separated from others. It’s a place where I learned to trust God more and more.  He provided for all my needs and kept me from harm.  

The tunnel was a place I could not avoid, no matter how much I may have wanted to do so. At this time, I was reminded of Jonah. Just like the fiery furnace and the lion’s den, the tunnel is not here to harm me but to prepare me for a better place. At the end of the tunnel, like Job, whatever was lost will be replaced tenfold. So, DO NOT BE AFRAID OF YOUR TUNNEL!

I am now walking up the steps to get out of the tunnel…HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!